Our central touring area lies in the golden enduro triangle of Phetchabun, Loei and Pitsanulok and provides countless kilometres of off-road riding. In contrast to Europe, the use of asphalt roads here is the exception. Trips of between 30 km and 200 km offer everything from plateaus of rice fields to mountains rising to 1600m. In the dry season, from October to March, we take you along single trails, sand passages and dried-up river-beds, across fords and hair-raising bridge constructions, and through jungles.

Forget everything else and enjoy the moment, and no stress – the locals enjoy meeting people!

Phu Thap Boek is the region’s central mountain and highest point. To the south it rises to a height of 1600m and stretches northwards for over 10 km to form a narrow mountain ridge suitable for biking.

Forget what you’ve seen in the films, THIS is the real jungle. There are only two seasons: the dry one and the rainy one. If there’s not enough rain during the dry period in winter, the trees shed their leaves.

Fords are still a perfectly normal fact of life here. On one tour that follows a river, we cross it more than 12 times. Another tour uses a river bed that has hardly any water at all during the dry season.

Anyone who’s been inland will have discovered that much of central Thailand is just flat and covered with fields. This is not the case for much of Phetchabun. And there was never an economic upswing here, so the provincial capital makes a somewhat backward impression compared to Phitsanulok and Loei. For us, this was really a blessing in disguise, because the North has remained virtually untouched and provides an impressive backdrop that is popular with tourists.

For us, riding out on our tours is a new adventure every year. In Thailand in summer, the rainy season brings storms that are unimaginable in Europe. Such massive rainfall often changes the countryside and its paths, tracks and roads. So, even though we’ve done a tour before, we have to learn to do it all over again. But this is part of the fun. All our tours are GPS-supported. This helps us to find our way even if the intended route has completely disappeared yet again. And we also enjoy going on “recon missions” to explore new areas.

  • 9 am meet at base for coffee and the day’s briefing
  • Check equipment (camelback, walkie-talkie and GoPro) and share out emergency equipment among group (water, petrol, first aid box, inner tubes and tools)
  • Check bikes
  • Fill up all bikes at filling station
  • 10 am start tour
  • Around midday we look for something to eat. That might be at a restaurant or at the small soup kitchen that is to be found in almost every village. On some tours there’s simply nothing, so we take packed lunches with us.
  • Towards 6 pm it gets dark very quickly, so we want to be back at base before then.
  • Exchange feedback on the tour over a beer or water
  • Check bikes, steam-clean if necessary and stow away
  • Recharge walkie-talkies and GoPros
  • Then back to accommodation to freshen up
  • How you spend the evening is up to you… chill out, drink beer, get the barbecue going, go for a meal – there are lots of possibilities and the choice is yours
  • The beginning and end of each tour day should always be structured the same way so we quickly get into a routine – this makes it easier to remember important details.

One-day tours are inclusive of the following:

  • guide
  • motor-bike
  • lunch packet

Price: €160

A week’s touring is clearly structured. We always begin with short, easy tours to get acclimatized to local conditions and overcome jet-lag. Then we increase the distance and level of difficulty, with the more challenging tours coming towards the end of the week. Every few days we have a break to get our strength back and/or have a look at the life and culture of Thailand.

Here is a typical weekly schedule, which lasts 8 days:

  • Day 1: Arrival from Bangkok. Settle into guest house. Relax.
  • Day 2: “House tour”, c. 40 km, 2 hrs, then lunch. Short tour of c. 40 km, 3 hrs.
  • Day 3: 2 medium tours, mountain and river
  • Day 4: 200 km through Khao Kho on to the Wat mountain
  • Day 5: Free day
  • Day 6: 150 km tour, mountain and river-bed
  • Day 7: 150 km tour to the “Holy Grail”
  • Day 8: half-day tour on single trails to the Kho Yai river

A week’s touring is inclusive of the following:

  • guide
  • motor-bike
  • lunch packet
  • accommodation (7 nights)
  • 2 x traditional Thai massage

Price: €1250

Family Package

While Mom or Dad discover the Enduro of Thailand, the rest of the family can still join in the fun! The minivan is available to shuttle your loved ones to the sights of our region.
From the mountains of Khao Kho to the historical monuments and temples there is much to discover and experience on the border between Thailand and Laos along the mighty Mekong river.

We also offer a cooking class!
From purchasing ingredients in the market to serving, the secrets of Thai cuisine are revealed.

The package includes:

Accommodation in an upscale Thai guesthouse for up to 4 people.

300 €

The total price for excursions in our minivan (for the brave we also offer a pickup truck) is 100 € for the whole day.

A cooking class is

55 €.

Write to us via our Contact page. Let us know when you want to come, how long for, and how many of you there will be. Special packages can be arranged to suit your wishes. And if you want to come alone – also no problem.

We want to keep everything as uncomplicated as possible, so you pay everything on arrival. Euros, Thai bath, dollars … whatever you like. Look at “Money, debit and credit cards” in the FAQ section. No need to pay a deposit. As proof that you’re really coming, all we need is a copy of your flight ticket to Bangkok. As soon as we receive it, we’ll book you in and send you confirmation.

You can book your ticket online. For flights from Europe, the price varies from €500 to €900 depending on the time of year. It’s most expensive between Christmas and New Year. There are only scheduled flights to Thailand, no charter, and a direct flight takes about 8 hours. Of cause, if you do not live in Europe there will be other prices and flight durations.

Let us know how you want to travel on to us when you’ve arrived in Bangkok so we can prepare everything. Do you want to spend time in Bangkok? Or travel on immediately – by bus or plane, or shall we pick you up? If in doubt, look at our FAQ under “How do I find you? (Onward travel in Thailand)”.