We don’t rent bikes for you, you ride our very own Kawasaki KLX used exclusively for our tours – a very reliable bike and ideal for use in the tropics. And we’ve made a number of modifications to suit the purpose:

  • 330 cc big bore kit
  • optimized camshaft
  • enlarged fuel-injection housing
  • custom ECU
  • transmission ratio and tyres for difficult terrain
  • 35hp

The bike has a seat height of 89 cm and is easy to handle for anyone with some experience of riding motor-bikes.

And you don’t have to worry if you happen to come off your KLX for any reason – we’re pretty relaxed as far as the typical enduro wear’n-tear is concerned. Your only liability is for really serious or wilful damage, but even then it’s not expensive because labour costs and spare parts are fairly inexpensive.