Welcome to TIKTUK Enduro Adventure Thailand.

We offer you unique tours to completely undiscovered tourist sites and you will experience the culture, the country and the people.

We are at home in northern Thailand in the province of Phetchabun. Our base is at the foot of Phu Thap Boek and is surrounded by national parks.

Our Philosophy

We take Thailand as we find it, as it really is…

Our tours lead you through the forests of Petchabun, on single trails through the remotest
places in the well-known mountain landscapes of Phu Thap Boek and Puh Lom Lo.
We experience how the people really live, away from the tourist regions.
These are insights that most tourists don’t have the privilege of seeing.
We don’t only want to ride enduro, we also want to absorb impressions and experience the fascination of the region:
the countryside, the life, the spirituality, remote temples, the colourful fauna, a unique jungle landscape, and you with us in the middle of all this.
Check out our FAQ, it’ll give you all the information you need at a glance.

With TIKTUK Enduro Adventure Thailand, you’re part of it and not just a spectator.

Our tours take you past well-known sights, such as the famous Wat Praphat Phasornkaew, the pink trees of Puh Lom Lo National Park and lots more…

Look under the heading “OUR REGION” for more info.

In the evening we can chill out or, for example, go to a traditional market to look at the local products and try them out.
On days without a tour, we arrange locally for a traditional Thai massage to knead away your strenuous enduro days, and you can enjoy the varied range of leisure activities on offer.

And no worries – we also allow time for fascinating conversations with kindred spirits around the campfire.

your TIKTUK Enduro Adventure Thailand Team

Chris & Stefan

Enduro Adventure Thailand